Tobacco Tactics

April 3, 2011

big tobacco marketting to counteract warning labels…due to
the warnings placed on cigarette packs big tobacco has changed its
marketting to make risky dangerous behavoir appear thrilling

videogames the player is rewarded points in racing
games for the more reckless he or she drives..gaining points
for near misses and high speeds..for dangerous jumps etc etc

this whole extreme marketing, extreme sports is to
make danger appear to be thrilling…which makes
the act of buying and smoking those DANGEROUS cigarettes a thrill…they have
also marketted risk taking as cool in the case of jackass with
johnny knoxville in which the stupid and reckless things they
do are portrayed as fun and cool..the show features its own warning
label at the beginning which serves as a thrill once the show
is beginning this counter acts the warnings on cigarettes

so if a demographic has been conditioned to find thrills and fun
in high risk situations from videogames. movies, and shows
they may assosciate the warning label as thrilling and not
take it seriously as they are caught up in the thrill of doing somthing dangerous

alot of these videogames and shows ignore consequence and focus
solely on cheap thrill seeking which works for them if someone
ignores consequence and thrill seeks then becomes a tobacco
addict because they never considered the actual risk and were
caught up by the moment and were under the influence of drug

This is considered cool

This is considered cool and fun


Expose the Lies a quick piece on Grand Theft Auto

April 1, 2011

Grand Theft Auto depicts a main character who becomes extremely rich leading a life of crime.  Remember the old adage “crime doesn’t pay”.. well the opposite is portrayed here.  By the end of the game the protagonist has ammassed millions of dollars.  This is extremely unrealistic for the type of work he is doing.. but then again the game does allow you to just buy guns from a shop right off the street.  However, the game is really irresponsible in the way it depicts criminal life.  Again, with it’s sequel “Vice City” Rockstar, the company behind the games, gives us a rags to riches tale..with the main protagonist going from rags to riches through crime.  Vice city’s protagonist is a mafia man just released from jail..he amasses millions of dollars, parties on a yacht with distinguished peoples, drives sports cars, wears suits, and ends up in a questions asked.  He gets his mansion, his threads, and his cars by dealing drugs, being a hitman, working for various gangs and criminal syndicates, and hustling.  This is not a realistic depiction of criminal life…He is a low level thug however in virtual reality he has a mansion with a view of the ocean.  It’s ridiculous…However, the game’s main audiences are teenagers.  So you don;t really realize that this world created by rockstar is far from reality,  To these companies teenagers are fish in a barrel we are confined to school we aren’t out there is the real world as much as we’d like to be. So it isn’t until adulthood when you actually have a chance to get out there and experience the real world that you realize just how warped this world created by Rockstar Games is .  Of course as young adults understand you can’t just steal cars and drive around hitting people and come back to life but the messages the game gives to it’s audience are wrong.  And despite the fact that it is just a game, the reviews and publicists that give the game press herald it as a gritty piece of crime drama like The Godfather or Goodfellas.  Simply because it doesn’t feature a magical blue hedgehog in candy land trying to save a princes it is heralded as realistic.  Realistic, because it has gangsters and guns and takes place in a city not Mario’s magic kingdom.  But these are lies…the game isn’t realistic at all and yet it tells it’s audience that it is.  These demographics, comprimesed of young adults do not have a completely formed world view..thus Rockstar easily hustles them because they are like fish in a barrel.  By showing a criminal thug living in splendor and glamor which to rockstar’s deluded crack babies might seem appealing or worse possible.  Despite the fact that it is absolutly 100 percent a teenager it’s a convincing melodrama…but this is not just ridiculous..It’s dangerous..Australia has even taken the measure to ban the game.  The government enforces a ban on it..bravo…why? Because this media is dangerous.  It is manipulative and shitty.  The fact that Australia has banned it shows just how corrupting and assanine this stuff actually is..especially when it’s main audiences are teenagers..or worse, even younger.  When this type of media that falls under the category as entertainment, and is in the same stratosphere as toys, is disturbing and stupifying.  Despite the fact that the game has a Mature rating on the package  you can walk into a toy store and find it on the shelf…What’s worse is you don’t even need an ID to buy it.  I would know I bought tons of M rated games before I was ever 16.  The shop keep doesn’t really give a shit because that’s 60 dollars out of his young patrons pocket and if it’s ever an issue he can always blame the parents…never mind his responsiblities he works for a company.  This violent sickening shit is outrageous and reckless in the way it treats and influences it’s audeince.  But hey when you consider the amount of gangster rap our government allows..all the hate speech and criminal bullshit that we have to deal with from Snoop dogg to Eminem to kid Rock to Wu Tang Klan to Jay Z..we shouldn’t really be surprised that they allow this stuff to keep kids under it’s influence.  I think the FBI’s interpretation of Laissez Faire is just let the market do whatever the hell it wants….keep your hands off the market no matter how many candy cigarettes, porno tapes, or gangster jingles it decides to make…Boy I wish I had a responsible government like Australia..that actually has the balls to defend it’s own people from corrupting influences..not here in America in America our country needs us..needs us to fight it’s wars and fuel it’s economies..while we get robbed in our own communities or hustled our nation needs us to protect it despite the fact that it does not even protect us.  Grand Theft Auto is just the tip of the iceberg in a whole sea of obstructions.  Australia did the right thing.  But here in America the game was criticized by politicians who said it’s up to parent’s to be vigilant but so what?  Talk is cheap.  Meanwhile they let it become an industry…grand theft auto cds, grand theft auto shows, and grand theft auto movies…billions out of grand theft auto..while in australia they just nip that in the bud..not in America..but hell America isn’t Australia..try surfing off the coast of LA compared to Bell’s Beach Australia..the difference is in Australia you don’t come out with cancer.  So in America the politicians talk and talk while Grand Theft Auto pollutes minds just like major industries polluted skies and streams to the point we all need water filters on our taps and to routinely check for lumps.  When Hilary Clinton and Joe Lieberman talk and talk about how bad this game is..then they need to DO SOMTHING..TALK IS CHEAP! it’s plain to see..we’re in the shit and they’re telling us about it.  They don’t do anything about it.  They keep their hands off of it and they let the market deal it..hands off the market.  It’s incredibly irresponsible.  But after being dumbed down by Christianity we are expected to forgive and forget..That cancer lumps are apart of “God’s plan” or some bullshit.  You know if we’re dumb..we don’t mind.  Well I mind…I mind when I see a store owner telling single parents to be more responsible while he deals this trash to kids right after school.  These videogames are full of drugs, sex, and violence and the media that sells them calls them “realistic”  But as I said before these are not realistic at all..but they are full of beers, cigarettes, prostitutes, and head shots.  However, because they are publicized as realistic their audience thinks they are true to reality…but to those of us with a taste of the real world know that’s not at all how the real world works.  It deludes people.  Thugs that run around doing hits on people and dealing drugs don’t end up with a mansion.  Furthermore thugs in real life are loathsome manipulative pieces of shit..not these charismatic, brave, and honest hardworking protagonists that are just unlucky and completely faultless for leading a life of crime.  In real life these people hurt people like you and me.  And the game further doesn’t give a shit by portraying all the pedestrians as bumbling morons that are all within a stereotype.  They add a comedic squish when the main character runs them over.  In reality car asccidents are horrible, but in Rockstar land they are comedic.  This media is warped…it’s influence is corrupting..but only in America does it become some phenominon advertized everywhere and talked about on the news and heralded by the fans until it becomes a billion dollar industry.  It’s clearly bad but “hands off.”  The only time the Federal Government does intervene is when someone starts pirating the software.  So they essentially end up working for the company by going after it’s enemies.  When last time I checked they were supposed to be working for Americans…