Hollywood’s contributions to schoolyard bullying

Bucky Larson is coming out this week, and it is the latest in a long line of films that tease, make a mockery of, and humiliate kids out there for having dorky haircuts, buckteeth, uncool clothes, and other quirks that are deemed uncool by the industry.  This mocking should not hurt feelings because hollywoods definition of cool seems to be a drug dealing pimp AKA snoop dogg…orJoe Camel.  Hollywood produces these mean spirited works all the time…from Joe Dirt mocking poor kids to Bruno mocking gays and Napoleon Dynamite mocking those kids that just don’t fit in for their clothing or their glasses or the way they talk, and they encourage kids to laugh when those kids are picked on.

Numerous films make fun of the mentally retarded like Something about Mary and Tropic Thunder..dave chappel making fun of a homeless crack head…they sure know how to kick people when they are down.

This type of comedy is entirely inappropriate not because of nudity or penis jokes, but because it is just plain old making fun of someone.  It’s malicious.  Bullying is a big problem in America.  From kids getting bullied in schoolyards and gangs bullying people on the streets to the elderly being bullied by nursing home staff…the problem is a little bit out of hand when hollywood endorses it.


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