Were the hijackers victims of brainwashing?

The 10th anniversary of 9-11 is fast approaching, and it is a time for the innocent in America to mourn. I hope this post does not incite rage or controversy,. I’m simply trying to flesh out the events of that day.  Were the hijackers merely a product of the extremely oppressive and warped religious ruling that they were deeply entrenched in?  Were they themselves victims…they went down with everyone else on that horrible day…they too lost their lives. The preachers are not on the front lines, but they raise people under their command.  They tell them things like they were born in hell…that they in fact are living in hell and that everything is awful…and that the only way out is to kill satan….they then make the united states the satan that they must kill..much like old lore of an evil dragon that must be slayed..and they too believed in the reward of a damsel in distress a princess that will marry them once they rescue her from the dragon…the 40 virgins in heaven that they are promised.  Were these people totally brainwashed?  The fact is no matter what bullshit religious fanatics preach you only have one life.  Thats not a philosophical debate…this does not dawn in people under fundamentalists that teach them to ignore their inherent instincts and to believe in their superstitions.  Thus they can get people to throw away the only life they’ll ever have. Religion does this in the middle east…teaching suicide bombers and hijackers that they will be rewarded in heaven…and they do it here telling kids that if they go off and fight for gods country they’ll have a spot saved for them in heaven.  You only have one life…life is precious…but when preachers make it awful and start in with their brainwashing they are killing apart of you.  Were the hijackers themselves hijacked by the oppressive religious influence they were under?

obviously yes

These religious scumbags are not blowing themselves up..they arent strapping bombs to themselves and walking into markets in Israel…they are getting young men to do it…kids that were brought up within the church and under its guidance…and religion is wielding them as it’s assasins…organized religion is trying to assassinate the modern civilized world because modern human beings are not under the clout of religious superstition or the abusive tyranny of its high priests because people now have rights…slavery is illegal…people do not have to live like the church’s livestock..thus they send off some brainwashed kids to kill nearly 3000 innocent civilians…and before you know it we’re crowded back in those churches, those archaic dungeons at the end of every block.

A disturbing trend is the hijackers are characterized as “evil” and this leads to middle eastern racism.  I had a friend in high school and the day of the attacks soccer was cancelled so we walked to my house…on the way we cut through the mall and while walking another kid who didnt even know my friend walked up to him and said “WAS that your cousin’s plane!?”

We are not evil…a race of human beings is not evil..the middle easterners are not evil..they are just human beings, us, that have are living on a different part of the earth…but the religion that oppresses and brainwashes and hijacks them that is…and the human beings that wield that religion to brainwash their fellow human beings…they are truly evil.  The women who have had rocks thrown up them by an angry mob know this…


what Americans need to realize is that the christian church in this country is the same thing…its an evil manipulative, perverse dangerous fundamentalism that tells people they have another life and that the one that they have, the only one that they have…is not good at all and the one after is the most important(the one that doesnt exist)

if you look at the history of the church in this country….they are racist.  They have a history of it…they are abusive to women and even today with the numerous sex scandals they are doing some abusive things to people behind closed doors.  So just because the place looks nice to you on Sunday when the entire community is present..that isnt necessarily what the place is all about.  You might have a positive impression of the church, but you don’t understand how it goes about it’s business the other 6 days of the week.

Our lives were not meant to be thrown away or sacrificed…and thats what the church does…it sacrifices human beings..suicide bombers are people sacrificed by the church

and the christian church makes human sacrafices as well..telling their kids to go fight for god’s country and then rushing them off to war..religon profits off of this war,this war they created while we were living at peace…and civilized…


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