Sucker punching

ever see a movie and based on the trailers and previews you are under the impression that it will be good
a movie you thought was going to be good and it just turns out to be complete shit, completely cheesy unintelligent
ad filled shit?! shit that lured you in under the guise that it was going to be somthing you wanted to see based on
all the advertizements….this is called sucker punching because the 2 minute preview is entirely different than the 2 hour
film..however the preview is so slick, so well directed that it makes you excited for the you fork over the dollars
and the movie ends up sucker punching you by its cheap plot and product placements and sucks you dry for those two hours
talk about bullshit..I once said piracy is good because it allows us to screen this garbage and to not be suckered out of our money for which the person I was talking to said “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it…it’s your own fault..”  another arguemenbt was “well if you don’t like it..then you don’t have to buy it..”  Well the whole point is the preview makes you think that you are going to like you pay for somthing you think you will like..and instead get a bunch of ads thrown in your face with a tacked on script…its manipulation so you don’t know if it’s good but you only find out that it’s bad until after you’ve paid for it…so with piracy people can screen movies without having to pay for them at all and the general consenses is that hollywood makes a lot of garbage..A LOT OF IT..

“if you don’t like it don’t buy it”

That type of simplistic thinking completely overlooks the point im trying to make..particular movies evcen target particular demographics trying to get them to buy it…the poiint is through marketting and previews companies advertize these movies that make you want to se them because they make them great…however once you pay the ticket turns out the preview was just to attract you to a theatre where you willingly give up your money to sit in front of complete bullshit…you get terrible acting, cheap effects and loads of advertizements what is even worse is when you are looking for entertainment but you get somthing preachy or worse some propagnda shoved down your throat, you watch gangstas play heros…even after you’ve paid the price of admission…it’s built on the foundation of false advertizing…so people go in under the impression that they are going to like it and they get hustled…they get sucker punched and people get fed up with being sucker punched so they say hollywood is complete shit..and some big mouth comes along and scolds them saying if you don’t like it you shouldn’t buy it…as if it was their own fault after being lied to and lured in..the whole industry isn’t bad..I still like movies but they can really exploit the audience

Hollywood still tells some great stories..however when movies become propaganda machines with negative messages and tons of product placements they turn into convoluted pieces of crap that leave you wanting your time and money back

despite all this piracy can be even which pirates infect your computer with scareware and viruses and steal your identity through your pc…for a free movie that just isnt worth it…so both the film industry and the pirates have string’s attached

but its not all bad when movies work they move us, they thrill us, they entertain us, they teach us


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