South Park, this comedy is so insensitive it is a Tragedy

I started watching South Park in 6th grade and I wasn’t alone.  A lot of my classmates and peers watched the show as well.  After the Simpson’s PG rating to Beavis and Butthead’s PG13 rating we were all set for this M rated cartoon that was on Wednesday nights at 10.  After watching it over the years however I stopped laughing and started to notice just how unfunny and insensitive this cartoon “intended for adults” really is.  They mock the mentally retarded. They literally mock the mentally retarded..The show is racist, sexist, and classist.  Keep in mind it’s in the form of a cartoon….and to those of us in middle school or high school at the time we thought this mature cartoon was funny.  It wasn’t until long after gaining some life which  I saw the handicapped up close and personal  face to face did I feel the tragedy of their ailment in my gut…afterwards catching an episode of south park in which they laugh at these people did a grave feeling wash over me…did I actually laugh along with this?!   these are people with incredibly difficult lives that are suffering!  Just why in the hell is that funny?  What in the hell is funny about that! ? The bigots behind the show are Trey Parker and Matt Stone and they essentially tease people with their show.  You would think that you would have to have talent in order to have your work aired, but no.  These are essentially school yard bullies.  They tease overweight people, they tease poor people, they tease gay people. and yes they even tease retarded people.  Their show is also full of extremely callous anti semetic humor.  They first introduced the retarded character, “Timmy” around the 4th season and claimed that he was there to diversify the cast.  Yeah right…they then proceeded to make fun of him and his handicap in about as many ways as possible.  They even brought in another handicapped character in order to stage a back alley brawl between the two while the other charcaters chanted CRIPPLE FIGHT!  Keep in mind one of the characters is in an electric wheelchair and the other has braces on his arms and legs.   They proceeded to have them beat each other up for some sort of comic amusement.  When I was in high school I laughed at this but after growing up and analyzing these shows I am disgusted.  This media is so offensive that I cannot believe these scum bags have not had the shit sued out of them.  They harras people, just a bully nuisance that hangs around trying to hold other people back.  Moreover this shows the level of unnacountabilty of these companies that permit this kind of stuff to air on their networks…This should reflect on the horrible indifference of Comedy Central and it’s parent company Viacom..that if it sells it airs.  They have a pr campaign that these are just characters to diversify the cast….these are LIES…I have seen the episodes many times, they are just blatently making fun of them…you have to watch more than a 5 minute clip of the show to witness it for yourself.  Comedy Central also has another show called CRANK which they record prank phone calls made by of the Prank Phone callers is a retarded character called “Special ED” that is relentlessly made fun of..You have to see it to believe it.  South Park is so insensitive that it is a dangerous influence on hearts and minds.  They relentlessly tease homosexuals, people living in poverty, overweight people, mentally retarded people, jewish people….This is what is on air for an audience mainly comprised of teenagers…despite the M rating what Mature Audience eagerly awaits wednesday night’s broadcast where the anti semtic kid yells at the jewish kid for killing jesus and then the retarded charcater wheels himself on stage so that we can all laugh at his rbehavoir…what “mature” audience is watching that…It’s bogus…it’s fraud…and it’s warped…Man how it has a warped insensitive perception of the world.  Mental retardation and people struggling handicaps are our fellow human beings..they are not puns made for cheap gags..They are suffering, man how they are suffering! And to think that to these bigot’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone that they are to be laughed at is disgusting.  Bullies are vile…they harras people and this is what these guys use this show harras, to tease, to mock, and to taunt..You would think that to be within that level of media, to have a show that has a team of workers to produce it and to make it happen that you would have to be airing somthing intelligent or somthing very entertaining and enrichening but instead you have a couple of assholes that are mediocre just making shitty jokes at the expense of people that are suffering..this type of insensitive stuff is what they air.  But should I even be suprised after hearing all the gangsta rap that is mass produced…all the terrible things produced by these dirty conglomerates…all the sweatshop clothes..should I really be suprised now that they are mocking mentally retarded children!?  There is nothing funny about people who are poor,  one of the characters “Cartman” says “shut up Kenny your family has to eat poptarts everynight for dinner because they’re so poor”  – That is a joke… Then “Kyle” says “shut up fat ass” then Eric replies “Burn in hell jew”  I don;t understand why comedy central even needs Parker or Stone as writers.. they can just head over to the local highschoosl, find all the flunkies and bullies and simply record them as they harras people.  When you see disabled people up close it is nothing to laugh feel it in your bones that this fellow human being this other person is denied a healthy life..It is a horrible, horrible reality.  And the fact that someone would take someone suffering so much and stereotype them and tell people to laugh at them and to poke fun of them is so insensitive…It is so insensitive I cannot believe these assholes have not been sued.  They make fun of the holocaust..they make fun of poverty..they perpetuate stereotypes and they get away it.  They are idiots..They have no talent..and yet because it sells..comedy central will air it, and duplicate it and resell it because it has an audience of teenage males.  We start laughing at the farting during the Simpsons, then end up laughing at the swears in Beavis and Butthead and then before you know it we end up laughing at retards fighting on South Park.  The show provided a warning saying this show is meant for mature audiences but at no point did the show educate us with a warning that said what you are seeing is not really funny but actually cruel and hurtful.  As a high schooler I thought this stuff was funny.  However, high schools are fucked up places.  You have bullies and drug dealers, anorexics, teen pregnancies…they are dangerous places.  People are picked on and in populaur crowds their is this air of insensitivity that the more callous you are the cooler you are…from sexism, to racism..people start thinking in intollerance.  Homosexuals are people…mental handicapped are people like you and is not funny when we is not funny when someone is is not right to tease someone because of their income, their sexualty, their weight, their race, or their sex..It is not right to tease someone because of differences

However, I had friends that would do so.  These really weren’t good peers.  They used the word faggot relentlessly calling things they didn’t approve of “gay”  One of my friends would call the poor kids grubs judging by the car they were dropped off in or if they showed up early for the free breakfast in the cafeteria.  It was only until growing up that I realized that for a long time I was in a circle of bigotry with brats that were condescending and insenstive. And South Park pandered to us. A friend of mine mocked kids for being poor when on his 16th birthday he was given his parent’s spare Jeep Cherokee..Meanwhile those kids he demeaned are working morning till night to pay for their own vehicles, their own insurance, their own gas.  Meanwhile he puts gangster rims on his free ride, get a stereosystem, and proceeds to drive around blasting gangster rap at a volume level known as noise pollution.  But he has to go and harras some poor kids.  They are struggling enough they don’t need more obstacles in the form of classist harrasment.  Everything this kid had was given to him and yet he assumed he was better than those people because they were born poor and he was born rich.  This friend was classist, sexist, and racist and we would watch South Park and laugh like there was nothing wrong with it like it was damn funny. But you go away to live on your aren’t  cramped into some high school anymore…you aren’t around those negative influences and you look back with a free don’t laugh start to see this cartoon for what it really is…All the while laughing at the racism and the sexism, and we would laugh at the retarded characters.  Not realizing…at least I did not realize just how truly insensitive this humor is.  In fact insensitive is and understatement. This type of behavoir in the United States is so insensitive that it is not unlike the behavoir of Nazis in Germany.  This show is essentially an attack on the it isn’t an attack in which our bodies are blown up by some bomber…but it is an attack on our feelings and our self esteems.  It is an attack on our rationality and our judgement.  The fact that someone would make a joke centered around making people laugh at somthing so horrible and painful as a kid that’s crippled is really corrupt and vile…and the fact that a company would pander to this behavoir and make handicapped characters for other kid’s to laugh at is such bad business that it should be criminalized…BAD BUSINESS PEOPLE but then again you have companies dealing drugs and choking lungs and eroding livers and dumping into rivers…so they do really horrible things so I shouldn’t be suprised when I view one of their shows and it is somthing really horrible.

Comedy Central, a company that makes fun of the retarded, a company that is essentially a schoolyard bully

big laughs

special ED HAH..fucking HAH

All of the parents..the mothers, the brothers, the sisters..the people that have loved ones who are mentally retarded or disabled…or any lawers should sue Viacom on behalf of their disabled clients for emotional abuse…for harrasment..This is Bigotry…it’s not hard to believe that just 35 years ago their was segregation across our country. with discrimination in schools and klan rallies down broadway..but one day people will look back on this generation, our generation, and say “see this is what they aired on television and laughed at.”  And they will think what kind of horrible idiotic people were we for not doing anything about it and appeasing the people behind this shit.  Honestly, these guys Trey Parker and Matt Stone owe damages to innocent people that they harrassed.  This damage done is really fleeting to many people who don’t understand the level of insensitivity taking place here, but that is because those people don’t understand or don’t see the painful reality ..they don’t really understand the pain and suffering of parents..but think if you were a parent and you had a retarded child and you suffered and lived with it and struggled with it everyday and you turn on the television, stop at a cartoon and sit there and watch them mock it, and tease it, and make stereptypes out of it, and use it for laughs…that is a about exploitation
it’s a victimless crime…because no victims come forward..
Making fun of the handicapped, retarded, or disabled and using them as comic relief is a disturbing trend..Family Guy for example has a character, Joe Swanson, who is a a parapalegic.  Every other episode there is a crude and demeaning joke about his handicap at his expense..This stuff isn’t really a laughing matter…then again Family Guy has also made jokes about Terri Shiavo and Helen is just one of many examples
it’s ironic someone once said in a sweeping generalization ”  in the middle east they are so barbaric they throw stones at women”..well the middle easterners can say that over here the americans are so barbaric that they laugh at the mentally retarded..

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