Are We Barely Free

we live in a country where hustlers and sleezebags like hugh heffnor and larry flynt can make an industry objectifying and exploiting women and men by manipulating them through their sexuality and yet we are not even permitted to be nude outside. and yet these sleezebags can continue to produce porn which they publish legally..from violent gangbangs to whips they turn sex into some kind of torturous experience or some kind addiction and they are allowed to do so and yet we cannot even be naked outside…I jhave nothing against sex, nothing against arousal, and nothing against different kinds of sex..I’mnot someChristian fundamentalist….I don’t have a problem with sex or nudity I have a problem with this porn industry that abuses women,demeans them sexually, and treats them like a piece of meat…How are these industries legal and yet everyday nudity is illegal?  ..if you have ever seen what these smut dealers do it is disgusting…they demean the women they have sex with….These sex industries do this at the front door and out the back door they are trafficking women on the streets and from different countries, pimping and hustling them..These are very bad companies with a very good product..That is where the problem is. why is it that larry flynt can make some S&M garbage where 1 woman is fucked by 5 men…while someone is getting whipped and defecated on…and he can mass produce shit like that and put it all over the internet…but on a hot summer day….plain old nudity is unacceptable…

so let me get this straight larry flynt can make the dirtiest most depraved sex in the world mass produce it and then charge money for people to see it but the people themselves arent allowed to be naked? what kind of fucked up society do we have on our hands here?

This is a sign that somthing is seriously wrong with our society where our natural nudity is forbidden and outlawed and yet smutt is a legal enterprise//They condemn everyday nudity but if they can make a buck off of it with a stripper’s poll or sleazy magazine..then it’s ok

our nudity is harmless and yet it is against the law but this filthy sexploitation smut which is very dangerous in the way it influences people is not against the law..these companies are so irresponsible and they do try to entice patrons …if you have ever gone to any of the porn sites on the internet…you will notice that they simply ASK if you are 18 to enter…and you can either click YES or you can click NO and they say if you are not 18 or older you are not allowed to enter…Boy that sure is a hard safe to crack..what does that require a basic understanding of addition or subtraction..thats really responsible flooding the market with easily accessible porn(sarcasm)..and I’m against these industries not against sex..I’m not some equally deplorable religious authority trying to obstruct people’s sexual instincts and lead them toward a path of utilitarian servitude….no there is nothing wrong with sex, there is nothing wrong with all kinds of is great…What is wrong is the industry dealing it…the porn mafia thats peddling it..Christian fundamentalists want to place the blame on SEX….and LUST…and our own desired and urges and bodies…No there is nothing wrong with those…what is wrong is the smutt peddler behind the curtain…buying and selling women,pimping and prostituting for their little show that they are allowed to charge for…thats the problem…not SEX…not Nudity…but people extorted into exploitation by the pimps, owners, and publishers of this smutt that want them high and drunk and loose…They are selling people and they are very evil…not SEX…sex and nudity is not evil…the mob is…for some reason these Christians like to blame we are the problem…completely diverting the blame away from these hustlers while saying that it;’s a problem with humanity and human nature…our instincts are not the problem..There is no problem with our sexual desires or our nudity…the problem is when some porn hustler buys a woman in Eastern Europe…traffics her here and makes her blow people all day…then gives her dope for it and tells her to get checked for diseases on her own dime while raising his fist at her…THATS THE FUCKING PROBLEM..not the fact that as human beings we get aroused…there is something wrong with some pimp spanking some woman while calling her a bitch and then making her choke on his penis…and those are the videos that are out there…There are gang bangs in which they have 3 men fucking a woman at once…porn is fucking uncomfortable and disgusting..and they pay these women peanuts and they treat them like shit on film…while they try to make these things like breasts and butts lewd to fixate the male users…if our nudty was common..would these things even be lewd? wthese things that aren’t really that special…because in actuality there isn’t really anything that tantalizing about tits..furthermore they force women into this mold, quite literally a mold with breast implants and high heels and bustiers, to display them as sexual objects for patrons that don’t realize they’re under the influence..under the unfluence of these porn industires..while the women are also under the influence of street drugs and’s a VILE industry…I don’t have anything against sex but this sex business is absolutly vile scum..It’s plain to see just go to one of there BILLION websites and see what the hell they are doing first hand…then realize this…they are allowed to operate in the ways that they do and yet we are not even allowed to be naked outdoors…it DOESNT MAKE SENSE..the dogs are naked the cats are naked…the squirrels are naked…how is a naked dog any less offense than a naked homo sapien…IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE…as I said before the porn industry tries to tantalize viewers with images of breasts and butts….mammary glands aren’t really that addictive until the porn kings make them sexually objectified…its just screwed up if you think about it. smut is legal but nudity isn’t…so that is corrupt AND oppressive..I think the rules governing our society might be a little archaic..I mean we still have to swear on bibles..god is on the bill..when you say the pledge its one nation under god…so the government hasn’t really wrapped it’s mind around separation of church and state…thomas jefferson must be rolling in his grave knowing that those medieval dungeons of superstition and bullshit called churches…the ones that abused and manipulated the European people are now thriving in the new world




really I’m fucking disgusted by porn and yet it’s legal and yet nudity isn’t?!  ..meanwhile the porn kings are objectifying women exploiting them and men as well  and they are allowed to do so..they are in fact allowed to make fortunes doing so and you’re telling me we cannot be naked outdoors!? That is a travesty!  why is OUR nudity even an issue?The native americans were nude all the time …I walk my dog and he is naked…but then again didn’t the Spanish Crusaders chase after them with dogs, put them in cages, and call them savages

we don’t enforce the dogs to wear clothing…or the squirrels… and I have nothing against clothing..I think it has a function like keeping us warm etc etc but why should it be mandatory? Why is nudity even a issue? are the bean counters worried that it might be counter productive?  why is nudity even an issue to begin with? are you fucking serious? Shouldn’t that be our choice? there is a giant amount of hypocrisy in our country/  They allow porn kings to do perverted, demeaning, and degrading things to people within a vice made from our sexuality..and yet plain old nudity is not about the law makes porno syndicates illegal and our nudity legal…that would be a win for the people, but the people aren’t exactly winning…ever see Hugh Heffnor in his mansion of excess with 8 woman catering to him like different breeds of his sex slaves?  It’s disgusting and he deludes women by making them self obsessed with how attractive they are to male clientel while being completely neglected of an education.  Hugh Heffnor and Larry Flynt aren’t the people..they are royalty.  Hugh Heffnor doesn’t wipe his ass unless it’s silk paper. And he is allowed to collect us dollars for dangling images of naked women in front of men and he is allowed to do this yet we are not even allowed to be nude outside.  There is somthing so incredibly ass backwards about that

and the problem compounds to the point you have people ashamed of their own naked bodies because they don’t resemble heffnor’s bunnies.  They don’t meet the criteria for Heff’s makes and models of women. You end up with people who care more about their bodies than their lives..women who pay to have their breasts mutilated and stuffed with silicone because they want to have those perfect airbrushed playboy brand mamory glands.  But no those aren’t milk glands to Hugh Heffnor, no, to him they are “titties”

So the porn industires are allowed to deal sex all day long and yet we cannot be naked outside…it’s completely ridiculous.  Our own nudity is outlawed and yet these perverts are allowed to produce millions and millions of their movies and magazines and websites and we cannot just be naked…what a crime..

My point is we are homo sapiens…this is our world we should be allowed to be naked in it..its such a fundamental thing..if people want to be naked you shouldn’t enforce that they wear clothing it’s bizarre…lets be fair here if you own property or a business owns a property then they can set the rules…no problem its their own property they can do whatever the hell they want with it….however nudity outside is considered lewdness and indecency..INDECENCY!? our birthday suits are indecent..lewdness..?! what is indecent and what is lewd is porno and all this sex sells bullshit..gangsta rap is indecent not the flesh of our bodies….someone naked outside is “indecent” how is the nude dog on the end of my leash not indecent..some of these laws are idiotic and archaic but what the hell they were whipping people on plantations 200 years ago.they were dropping nuclear bombs on civilian cities 70 years ago they were enforcing segregation and spraying agent orange on people 35 years ago….what was I thinking…nudity is indecent but all of these porno shops, massage parlors, strip clubs, and sex stores lining 5th avenue aren’t indecent…no, no, no its not them its when a common person is naked outdoors..thats when it’s lewd////  Where are our priorities..that we strictly enforce non nudity but then allow perverted sex industries to exist and operate. It’s oppressive if you really think about it.  Are we being cut off from our natural existence?


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